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Senator Hoylman Steps In & Rally on August 15th

Dear Alumni and Friends,

We are pleased to report that State Senator Brad Hoylman has emphatically supported our cause with a powerful article titled “Preserve Free Tuition At Cooper Union.” As Senator Hoylman correctly points out:

“If Cooper Union becomes a tuition-based college, it will no longer be a unique extension of our state’s public education system, raising the question of whether it is still deserving of taxpayer support. In the long run, the cost of charging tuition may in fact be higher than the benefit.”

He goes on to say:

“New York needs the same Cooper Union we have had for the past 155 years providing excellence in engineering and the arts. It’s time for the board, state and local government officials, and all parties involved, to forge a plan that will preserve Peter Cooper’s model of free tuition and save this great institution from becoming just another college.”

The hearing for Committee to Save Cooper Union’s legal case to preserve free tuition will be held this Friday, August 15th. Senator Hoylman will be speaking at a post-hearing press conference and rally at 1:00 PM Friday August 15th, outside the Courthouse at 111 Centre Street. We'll be inviting the media and will have speakers, signs, etc — much like the press conference we previously held outside of the Foundation building. Please join us there to show your passionate support for Peter Cooper’s timeless philosophy of free education! You can RSVP on the Facebook invite.

Whether or not you are able to join, we encourage all of you to continue to call and/or write the elected officials mentioned in our recent email.

This will be the first of several steps along the legal process, but this first one is especially important.

Please also consider donating to our legal fund to help us continue fighting to Save Cooper Union. We also have T-shirts, posters etc. available at our new CSCU Fundraising Shop.

Committee to Save Cooper Union