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Progress & a New Indiegogo Campaign

Dear Alumni and Friends,

We are making significant progress in our fight to save Cooper Union.

Our legal team made a cogent and compelling argument to Justice Bannon of the NY State Supreme Court. It is worth reading the rough transcript to get a sense of the oral arguments and the tough (and encouraging) line of questions posed by the Justice.

Powerful allies, including State Senator Hoylman and State Assemblywoman Deborah Glick, Chair of the Higher Education Committee, are speaking out in strong defense of Peter Cooper’s true legacy. Video of Senator Hoylman’s speech can be found up on our new Indiegogo campaign page.

The press (including The New York Times) has begun, under constant pressure from our Community, to correct misstatements from the Administration and, in many instances, provide coverage that supports our efforts. Daily News, NY Post, NY Times, and PIX Ch. 11 News.

Another major front has also opened up in our fight. State Senator Hoylman and State Assemblywoman Glick have made it clear that they want the Trustees to come to the table and work with the broader Community to finalize and implement an alternative to tuition or potentially face the loss of the unique tax status that is critical to funding its operations.

“The tax benefits that have accrued to Cooper Union are based on maintaining the mandate for free tuition. It is critical to the future access to higher education for deserving students that that commitment be maintained.” -- State Assemblywoman Deborah Glick

The legislature has the power to revoke Cooper Union’s tax exemption — no matter what the Court decides in the Trust case. That loss would negate all of the revenue (and far more) raised through tuition. The Trustees’ rash action has raised a fiscal threat that can destroy the school. It is time for them to re-consider their strategy in light of this mortal risk.

Whatever the Court’s decision, we must replenish the legal fund to be able to defend (!) or appeal in the Appellate Division of the NYS Supreme Court. We ask you to click this Indiegogo link now and dig deep once again. Our goal is $100,000. Thanks to a generous $25,000 donation from Cooper alum Adam Forbes, Arch. ’94, we are off to a fantastic start and now need to only raise $75,000. As Adam puts it:

“The founding principle of The Cooper Union is the fact that it is a free school. For the President and Board of Trustees to violate this core tenet is clearly cause for their immediate removal. We as alumni should act swiftly and decisively to reverse this bizarre and unnecessary turn of events.”

Please join Adam in donating to help Save Cooper Union.

We promise to do everything possible to ensure that your efforts and donations benefit the future students of Cooper Union by preserving Peter Cooper’s true legacy.

Please spread the word by sharing the Indiegogo campaign with your friends & fellow alums, and keep the faith.

Sincerely yours, Adrian Burton Jovanovic, BSE ’89
President, Committee to Save Cooper Union